Smart Spacer ®The Professional's Choice

Tile Installation with Smart Spacer®

Corner installation with an older tile spacer

Placing old style spacers in the thin set to separate tiles can lead to a messy install:

  1. The spacers are difficult to remove
  2. Sometimes the tools used to remove the spacers after the thin set has dried causes chipping of the tile.
  3. Grouting over the spacers left in the thin set causes the grout to chip away over time exposing the spacer left behind.
  4. If the thin set is not dried and the old style spacers are removed, the thin set can get onto the tile causing additional cleaning.
  5. Spacers that cover the corners of the tile do not allow a person to see the corners and confirm that they are in alignment.

Smart Spacer® allows visualization of the corners so installers can verify the tiles are properly aligned. The pegs and disc make it easy to grab and remove Smart Spacer® without the need of a special tool.

Edge installation with older tile spacers

Placing old style spacers along the edge of the tiles while installing causes issues with accurate spacing:

  1. Old spacers are soft and compress causing varying widths between tiles. If any pressure is used when laying the tile the spacers will compress differently.
  2. When stacking a wall the old spacers at the lower levels will compress more than those at the upper levels due to the weight of all the tile above them.
  3. Adjusting tiles where the old spacers are on the edge can cause the spacers to twist slightly. When twisted, instead of separating the tiles with the sides of the spacer, the tiles are separated by the corners which causes wider spaces between the tile.
  4. And, how many times has a spacer fallen over or fell into the space between the tile.

Smart Spacer® is held in place by the disc or pegs depending on the width you are using, and the round pegs roll as tiles are adjusted, keeping the space between the tiles consistent. The rigid material will not compress at lower levels when stacking walls.