Smart Spacer ®The Professional's Choice

Save Time and Reduce Frustration

- Increases Productivity -

Smart Spacers roll as tiles are adjusted. They can’t twist or tip over freeing you to install rather then fixing and readjusting spacers.

- Even Spacing -

The round pegs and disc of the Smart Spacer maintain even spacing when tiles are moved. Old spacers often twist or fall over while tiles are being adjusted resulting in uneven and inconsistent grout lines.

- Won't Compress -

Old spacers are rubber which compress and become brittle. Smart Spacers are made of Polypropylene making them rigid (they won’t compress when stacking walls or laying a floor).

- Clean Installation -

Some spacers cover tile intersections obstructing visualization of uneven corners. Old spacers are messy and difficult to pick out of grout.


- 3 in 1 -

Smart Spacers have 3 sizes in one easy to use product.

- Less Inventory -

Two packages of Smart Spacers will replace six packages of the old spacers and any wedges you may use.

- Easy to Clean -

Smart Spacers are made of Polypropylene making them easy to clean.

Smart Spacers are recyclable and are made in the USA

Buy Today, Save Tomorrow


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