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New Tile Spacer Product Born of Frustration and Recessionary Caution


Bob Blankenship
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New Tile Spacer Product Born of Frustration and Recessionary Caution

Phoenix, Arizona (August 2, 2010)

Worn out and frustrated from a tiling job gone awry, Bob Blankenship had a moment of genius that created a simple tile spacing product that saves time, money, and frustration for the weekend handyman and tile setting professional alike.

It was the spring of 2007 and Bob was looking for individuals to install tile for his home renovation project. Finding himself not willing to pay the going rate and wanting to impress his wife, he decided to lay the tile himself. To his frustration and dismay he found that while adjusting the tile, the old tile spacers tipped over, twisted, compressed and were continually falling into the thin set. These frustrating issues caused him to think "Wouldn't a round tile spacer work more effectively?" So he began an internet search for "round tile spacer" and came up empty. That's when the light bulb went on and Bob set out to create a round spacer to solve his tile setting problems.

Manufactured in the U.S.A, Smart SpacerT is made from recycled and ground polypropylene. There are two different Smart Spacers. Each spacer incorporates three different grout line widths. Because Smart SpacerT is round it rolls and creates a consistent space between tiles creating even, consistent grout lines allowing ease of installation.

Blankenship has heard from experienced tile installers about the ease of installation using Smart Spacers. "Smart Spacers are easy to use and make installing tile quicker, more efficient and less expensive because the process is faster and there are less mistakes "says Ray Kubik of Kubik Custom Construction.

Blankenship has heard from do-it-yourself installers as well. Many are taking on home improvement projects they never would have tackled before the recession. "For the do-it-yourself crowd, Smart SpacerT saves money because they can be reused longer without getting brittle like the rubberized spacers used today" says Blankenship. Smart SpacerT also solves another common installation quandary: "When stacking walls, one of the biggest problems is that the lower grout line becomes compressed; because Smart SpacerT is made from a rigid material, tile installers can stack an entire wall without problem."

Blankenship isn't the only fan of the round spacer. Smart SpacerT won an award at Coverings 2010 as one of the hottest new products to hit the market this year.