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Green Tile Setting Product Making Waves in Bathrooms Nationwide


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Green Tile Setting Product Making Waves in Bathrooms Nationwide

Phoenix, Arizona (February 1, 2011)
bob smart spacerThere are colorful signs of movement in the remodeling industry after many years of stagnation and the predominant color is green. Consumers are more and more asking for green products when building or remodeling their homes. According, forty percent of current remodels are constructed with green products that minimize environmental impact and increase home values.

Entrepreneur Bob Blankenship sought green materials in the creation of a tile setting spacer he believes will revolutionize the tile industry. During a tiling home improvement project gone awry, Blankenship decided to create his own tile setting product and was determined to find a material with which to manufacture the Smart SpacerT that would satisfy his desire to minimize harmful effects to the environment. Smart SpacerT is made from recycled and ground polypropylene, a hard material that aids in the successful use of the product, preventing slippage and compression during tile installation.

There are two different Smart SpacersT. Each spacer incorporates three different grout line widths. Because Smart SpacerT is round it rolls and creates a consistent space between tiles creating even, consistent grout lines allowing ease of installation.

Due to the ease of tile installation and recycled components, Smart SpacerT is garnering fans nationwide that would prefer to use green materials in their remodel or new build. In fact, green building and use of green products has been one of the few bright spots in the remodeling industry during the past few years. According to Renewable Energy, buyers are willing to pay a price premium of 3-5% for homes built or remodeled using green products.

Not only was Bob determined to produce Smart SpacerT with recycled materials, he also wanted to utilize a U.S. manufacturer. After submitting a request to find a mold producer on a manufacturing Web site, Blankenship received hundreds of bids, most of which were from foreign countries. Determined to find a U.S. manufacturer, Bob eventually selected a Phoenix company he found by luck at an industry show.

"Save green when you remodel green" says Blankenship. According to Blankenship, the word about Smart SpacerT is out. Consumers are purchasing the product on his Web site, due in part to a flooring conference "Coverings 2010" where Smart SpacerT won an award as one of the hottest new products to hit the market in 2010.