Smart Spacer ®The Professional's Choice

Round Tile Spacers are Better.

  • Installs Faster
  • Saves Money
  • Won't tip, twist, or compress

The Smart Spacer came about while I was tiling and the older cross spacers kept twisting, compressing and falling over. I got tired of always repositioning those spacers... the Smart Spacer was born, round so it would roll as I adjusted tiles, rigid so it wouldn't compress and a center disc that keeps it from falling over. Friends, who initially thought they would only be good for stacking walls, are now using Smart Spacer for tiling floors, counters, stained glass and even wood decks; the uses are endless.

Try Smart Spacer today and love tiling again tomorrow,

Bob Blankenship - Inventor, Entrepreneur

The Professional's Tile Spacer

When Smart Spacers are positioned between tiles the unique design allows your spacers to roll while tiles are adjusted, rather than twisting out of square like conventional tile spacers.
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Smart Tile Spacer

The Smart Tile Spacer provides clean even spaces for your demanding installs, whether you are stacking a wall or laying a floor.

Old Tile Spacer (Cross)

Older spacers twist, opening up the spacing so tile edges are no longer parallel... or they fall over.

Spacer Comparison

Round Smart Tile Spacer (Circle)

Smart Spacer rolls, keeping the edge of the tiles parallel... the disc and/or pegs prevent Smart Spacer from falling over.

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